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Selective guide to spoken arts audio resources on the Internet

Audio Drama

Audio Theater.com. Henry Howard's web site of news and information about everything audio dramatic. Gateway to many other resources.

Classical Kids. Beautiful radio plays for children about composers and their music.

Crazy Dog Audio Theatre. Fantasy and sci-fi productions of great vigor from Ireland.

English Wordplay. Some books on writing radio drama from a former BBC producer/director.

Focus on the Family. Excellent productions of audio plays on Christian themes.

LA Theatre Works. Produces readings of stage plays recorded before studio audiences. Consistent excellence and professionalism.

Unofficial Dirk Maggs Web Site. Info on Great Britain's notable independent audio drama auteur.

Radio Spirits. Purveyors and restorers of OTR and vintage radio drama.

The Well-tempered Audio Dramatist. Yuri Rasovsky's guide to the production of audio drama.

ZBS. The on-line catalogue of imaginative New Age audio dramatist Tom Lopez and his alter-ego Meatball Fulton. Home of Ruby: Galactic Gumshoe and the ever-popular  Android Sisters.


AudioFile.The only national magazine devoted to audiobooks.

The Audio Publishers Association has resources for the consumer as well as the pro.

eBooks.com. The next generation of reading by ear.

I Listen to Audiobooks. A forum for audiobook fans.

OTR Bulletin Boards. Guide to the world of old time radio.

Other Spoken Arts

Audible.com. Downloadable source of spoken audio with large varied catalogue.

Hearing Voices. Website of distinguished producer/journalist Jay Allison (Edward R Murrow Award-winner) and friends.

Sound Portraits. Site for David Isay, brilliant audio documentarian, MacArthur "Genius Grant" recipient and Peabody winner.

National Public Radio. See what your local public radio station is not carrying and get it off the net instead.

Public Radio International, NPR's Minnesota-based competition.

Symphony Space. Headquarters for public radio's popular series of story readings, Selected Shorts and the annual Bloomsday reading of Joyce's Ulysses.

Transom. Showcase (tellcase?) for new and experimental American radio productions of all kinds.

Vintage Ruth Draper Recordings. Discover the formidable monologist Ruth Draper.

XM and Sirius Satellite radio -- New technology for the new century.


YR's secret identity.

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